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Born - Youngstown, Ohio
Resides - Dallas, TX
Married - 3 children

Personal History:
Steel Mill Laborer, Overhead Crane Operator, Boom Crane Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Long Haul Truck Driver, Safety Inspector, Giant Off-Road Dump Truck Driver, High Explosive Technician, Bartender, Cook, House Painter, Racquetball Instructor, Health Club General Manager, VP of Golf Course Development Company & Computer Technology Salesman …..to name an interesting few. Over the years, Jim has also owned a Used Car Lot, a Coffee Company, a Fitness Club and a Business Consulting Firm. Currently, he is the owner of a very successful gourmet foods company, selling super premium products to upscale grocery retailers throughout the USA.

How he got into Acting:
In 1987, while operating a consulting practice, Jim found himself giving presentations in front of larger and larger audiences. A friend suggested he take an acting class to improve his poise and speaking skills. He did… from the first class he was hooked. A visiting casting director from Los Angeles saw him in a workshop and invited him to Hollywood for a film audition. He got the part, along with others that followed and soon found himself shuttling from Dallas to Hollywood on a regular basis. While his acting career was beginning to thrive, his business and family were suffering. With that, he made the decision to leave acting behind and focus on his young family. However, in 2006, with his business endeavors on solid ground and his children nearly grown... he stepped back in front of the camera.

The Future:
Jim's passion for writing and filmmaking has long kindled the desire to explore other areas of the craft. He has written several short stories and has two feature length scripts in development. He is currently co-producing several projects as well as directing his own work. His interest and intention in producing, directing and writing continues to grow.

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