410 Garfield Films is dedicated to the love of storytelling.

As our logo (actual photo) displayed here indicates, this joy of storytelling emanates from the time as a young boy I would sit behind our corner grocery store (410 Garfield Street) and listen to the adventures and escapades of my father, uncles and their friends. These men would tell rich and exciting stories of danger, mystery, war, love and comedy… always trying to top each other in the process. This “grocery store” gathering was more like a private club where I felt privileged to listen in as they talked freely among trusted family and friends. I reveled in those stories and longed for the day I would create my own.

Indeed, that is what 410 Garfield Films is all about. For this reason, we are not producers of corporate, commercial or industrial video. We prefer to leave that in hands of many other capable businesses. Our only commitment is that of conveying compelling stories that move and entertain a wide variety of audiences. We create our own original works as well as produce and co-produce the work of other inspired and competent artists. This storytelling artistry, for us, has no limitation, genre or specific agenda. It is simply meant to move you, inspire you and sometimes possibly trouble you. For this we make no apologies but ask only that you consider...

We are all on this rollercoaster called life… with all its experiences for better or worse. We would hope for a brief moment in this journey you just might enjoy being alongside us for the ride. Jim Blumetti - Filmmaker

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