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As an actor --- Jimís piercing blue eyes and strong set jaw suggest not only inherent strength, but the moxie to make things happen. From his rumpled silver curls to the expressiveness of his brow, Jim has a solid presence that says "stand up and take notice".

It is with subtle intensity that he inhabits his characters. Regardless of the role, he brings to his performances a realism that sets him apart. Summoning a wealth of life experiences, Jim's portrayals translate a "knowing" that delivers clear, sharp characters that seem grown organically from within, rather than applied. He depicts people you know - flawed, layered and in processÖ and makes you want to know more.

As a producer & director --- Jimís two plus decades in the film industry working both in Hollywood and other regional markets have given him a unique perspective on how to get things done both on-screen and off. Coupled with his many years as a business operator and manager, he is more than equipped for his recent endeavors as both a producer and director of independent film.

As a writer --- He has been steady in his growth from initially writing business copy for corporate America to his current passion for narrative fiction. He has adapted narrative works as well as created his own screenplays in several genres.

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